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    Automated Online Marketing

    While creating your business plan you may have realized your need to have a number of essential tools to run your internet marketing business online. The major challenge is how to make all the various tools and applications work together.

    One of the sanest and most efficient ‘concepts’ on earth is the ‘relational database’ – What it means is having everything in one place and entering data only once, and having it all relate together in an easy-to-navigate interface. For example, the key piece of data in the relationship is the person’s name. Every other piece of information that we have regarding this name should be in one place.

    Examples of data that would be related to this name are his contact information, such as email address, phone, etc.; then you have your notes about your contacts with this person – what date you talked to him, what are his interests, what business he is in; the date you will follow-up. (V2 Leads Management)

    You might also need a record of which promotional emails you need to send, and which emails you have sent, so that you do not send duplicate messages and so that you know the next message in the promotional series to send to your prospect and when to send it. Naturally the only way to do this is to have an autoresponder. (VereMail)

    Necessarily what follows is that from your records you know what programs or products this person has purchased from you, and at what level so that you know what upgrades or follow-up would be appropriate for him in the future; – and again, you have a date when you will follow-up with him to see how he is doing.

    Very few organizations including the largest seem to understand what power a relational database has and instead seem to have a fragmented infrastructure that must be constantly manually manipulated and updated and which requires duplication of effort to keep everything organized.

    And consider this- the real nightmare is, if you are using different software for each function, that there is a point at which your software versions will no longer ‘talk to each other’. Literally you will be copying and pasting databases across platforms or manually re-entering data to keep it all up to date and in one place.

    Next consider your marketing efforts – another nightmare to control and navigate. Where are all the places you posted your articles? Links? Ads? Did you sign up for that Social Network? Which ones? How about the Web2.0 postings? Did you do everything you needed to do today? Yesterday? This week? Keep track of all your Internet ‘real estate’ and activities – and again, all in one place. (V2 Market Manager).

    Where multiple applications are used for various aspects of your business, it can be another job in itself to keep everything organized – or conversely to be in constant chaos. Not the way to run a business. That is why one of the smartest things you can do is to get a program that has everything all in one place and all linked together for you.

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